Shopclues Customer Care Numbers: Toll Free Support India

Hi Readers, Here You will find all Shopclues Customer Care phone number details. ShopClues is an online system based marketplace that is well known and famous e-commerce site in India. ShopClues is the subsidiary of Clues Network INC. It was not so long founded it. About 5 years ago in 2011 first introduced in the USA by its founders. After that, it comes to the subcontinent. Now it run their business in India. Very first time it is launched in July 2011 by 3 businessmen named Sandeep Aggarwal, Sanjay Sethi, and Radhika Aggarwal. Present time a lot of workers join to this site and CEO of is Sanjay Sethi. A huge collection of product available here.  There are more than 200,000+ products and 12000+ registered sellers give the customer service.

shopclues customer care numbers

ShopClues customer care number:

There are so many online market found in India. A huge number of people of here many of them currently depends on the online market to save the time and cost or expense. ShopClues got the think of the people and take the decision to the give the customer service in return for profit. Shopclues continue their business almost 145 cities in India and each city they set up a customer for solving out the problem and know to the information. Mainly they used two kinds of number in the customer support center. One is the customer care toll-free number and that is 0124-441 4888 (For Customer Support based). Another number is used for the merchant based customer care number and that is 0124-466 9777 (For Merchant Support based). This number can be found in the web portal.

ShopClues customer care toll free number:

The two type of number basically full free for the customer. ShopClues give the importance the customer need so that this number is used almost all places of the country. There are several kinds of product found here home & kitchen products, electronic gadgets, and appliances, men and women apparels, kids clothes and toys, accessories, sports and other daily need products. If a lot of products are found too many problems also included there. That’s why customer care employee always ready to received any complaints and they try solved out this based on their ability. Very important news is that the service center number and others always on the day to night. In short, we can say this center give the service 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

Shopclues customer care complaint Number India:

India is a country where a lot of people use the online service. Like Snapdeal, Flipkart and others shop clues run their online business very smoothly. Online buyers want to buy new products and face some problem like installing problem, payment method, price comparison, device run and others. No tension cause all corner of here people found the service center. They received all the complaints in their office beside they used contract number and email system. After receiving this they give the all possible solution how to run and what are what are methods of use it. They give the way to payment path of a buying product.

Shopclues customer care number in Chennai:

Although this online market planning established in the USA but the main founder is Indian. So they always thought how to give advantage the Indian people and finally they come to India in 2011. Chennai is a big city of here like other 145 cities and number of the center are found and the people order their daily necessaries like the electronic device, smartphone, toys, shirt pant, cooking item are found the stay at home. People very much interested to online shopping without any effort. Cause call the center or order the product they give the necessary in doorsteps. 4414888 is the customer service toll-free number. No need of expense and call anytime to this number. If someone wants to register here he can contract 1860-500-6000. This number is always ready to receive the new people.

ShopClues customer care number in Bangalore:

Shopclues was spread just a few cities but in the mean time it broad the network. A lot of channels are work in India. Like other cities, Bangalore is a beautiful city and people of here are very peace loving. Peace is fulfilled by ShopClues cause they send the product door position by order of the people here. When is the product they face some restrict that is solved by the service center here? the online mail system is ready beside toll-free all India number can be used. Every time center got a lot of order and product comments and the serve from day to night.

ShopClus customer care Email:

In the digital world customer of all ages depends on the mail system.  Because they fell comfort by this mail. To evaluated this ShopClues take the decision in the begin time how to give service by mail. They use official mail system and others. Generally, the customer can use the support mail like This mail only used to the users after receiving the mail they give the solved type of reply in return. This system is also free of cost.

From 2011 the Indian entrepreneur comes to the USA to India evaluate the just need of the people here. 6 year almost passed and hopefully, Shopclues got the full.customer satisfaction from the Indian people. It is very difficult task to ensure the service all places such like a big country.  ShopClues ensure this and 145 cities included their network. They provided the care number like +(91)-124-4414888. This not end they give support mail service, web portal, social media service and so on.

Conclusion: Just a few years have passed but in this short time this online site raise number of the product, service center, marketplace space. The upcoming days are more challenging so they take this satisfactory tools for the people. We live in the age of science so we love the science related things. ShopClues make it sure in a broad way. Keep buying process on online product and share our post. Thank you.

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