Samsung Customer Service Numbers – 800 toll free, Support center, chat email ID

Get the Samsung customer Service number with Samsung 800 toll free support number and Samsung service center list. Samsung is one of the biggest electronics company in the world. Basically, it is a South Korea based multinational company with a lot of affiliated businesses. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of electronics like TV, Computer, and Smartphones in all over the world. On the other hand, Samsung operates their business in almost every country of the world. Currently, Samsung is the second biggest IT company in the world.

Samsung has much more services of different categories like heavy industry, insurance, textile, construction, etc. A lot of people use services of Samsung company. On the other hand, they operate their service worldwide. They often need to contact Samsung customer services for various reasons. If you are a Samsung user, then you may need to contact their customer services. In this article, we will provide you Samsung Customer Service Number with Samsung 800 toll free contact information for you.

Samsung Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Samsung is one of the biggest corporate companies of the world. On the other hand, they have monitor various kind of services all over the world. Besides, their services are used by a lot of people. So, users often need customer service help on various issues. As a result, we must admit that they have a large number of customers worldwide. On the other hand, they sell various kinds of products. So, it takes a lot of effort to keep the customer satisfaction level high. Samsung has a big number of customer service agents all over the world. They are always ready to provide any kind of help.

Samsung Customer Service Numbers
We have gathered customer service number of Samsung for you. You can contact these numbers for any kind of help about their product and services. Besides, you can ask them any kind of service related queries. Moreover, there are individual numbers for specific countries. So, you can call them for any kind of help. The customer service number is given below:

Samsung Customer Service Numbers:

  • Samsung Worldwide: +1 800-726-7864
  • United Kingdom: +01932 455 000
  • Netherland: +31 15 219 6100
  • India: +1 800 3010 8282
  • Germany: +49 6196 660
  • South Korea: 82-2-2255-0114
  • Pakistan: 0800-72678
  • Australia: +61 1300 425 299
  • South Africa: +61 1300 425 299

For Indian People: Samsung customer care India

If there is no specific number available for your country, you can call the number which is available worldwide. So, a lot of people’s everyday call in these numbers for various kind of help. As a result, you will need to wait some moments before connecting with a customer representative. it will be easy to find the solution if you ask the specific question clearly.

Samsung Customer service Toll Free number & Email ID:

Samsung is very much concerned about their customers. They are always ready to solve any kind of service related problems within a short time. On the other hand, they have 7 days and 24 hours active customer services for their customers. They also have a toll free number for specific services for their customers. The toll free numbers of Samsung are given below:

  • Smartphones product service number: 1- 888- 987- (4357)
  • Samsung Application product service number: 1- 888- 899- 7609
  • Computer Product service number: 1- 800- 726- 7864
  • Hearing device product service number: 1- 888- 899- 7608
  • Hard-disk product service number: 1-800-732-4283
  • Business Product Service Number: 1- 866- 726- 4249

Samsung also provides email helps for their customers. The email service is more active than the phone calls. Besides, they also provide a full and efficient solution via email. Samsung also encourages their customers to ask for help from email. Here are the email addresses of Samsung:

Samsung Customer Service Email Form:

  • Official Support: Contact Page
  • Samsung Complain Email:
  • UK Customer Service Email:
  • India Customer Service Email:
Samsung Customer Service Contact Support Chat:

Samsung also has customer service chat for their users. You can contact them by online chat for the immediate solution. So, you can contact them directly from online chat. You can use these links for contacting Samsung representative directly:

Interesting Facts About Samsung Company:

Samsung is a giant company which operates their service in all over the world. Here are some amazing facts that will amaze you:
Samsung plays an important role in South Korea’s economy. 16% of total GDP of South Korea comes from the Samsung company.
Samsung also makes military accessories like tanks, advanced weapons, and many more things. Besides, Samsung also has a group of an army of their own.
At first, Samsung was a small trading company with a group of 40 employees. Now they have more than 489,000 employees worldwide.

Samsung comes in the electronics industry at 1960. And now they are one of the top electronics company of the world.
Samsung is the world largest chip producer after Intel.
They become the largest smartphone seller at 2012.
Samsung was the sponsor of football cup Chelsea for 10 years (from 2005 to 2015).
World tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai was built by Samsung Construction Company.

Samsung is an addition of two Korean words. Sam means three and sung means star.
The current Samsung logo was chosen in 1993. Samsung changed its logo several times before it.
They also make the first CDMA running phone in 1996.
Samsung introduced a PDA phone which was running on Palm operating system and it was one of the very first steps of current smartphones.

Conclusion of Samsung Customer service:

Samsung is playing a great role on electronics sector. They have abounded the technology and electronics sector with a large number of appliance. On the other hand, they provide products in lower price which help the customers from various lower class countries. On the other hand, their products are better in the price range. Hopefully, this article about Samsung Customer Service phone Numbers Information will be helpful for you. If you have any questions about Samsung customer service, please let us know by comment.


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