Maharashtra Police Helpline Number, Headquarters & Email Id

Maharashtra Police is one of the prides of India. They ensure to provide law and order in the society so that terror and crime do not prevail. They work day and night non-stop so that citizens can sleep night peacefully. However, many people are looking for the contact information of the Maharashtra Police for various cases such as cases, complaints, and other queries. For that purpose, we are providing the details of the Maharashtra Police Helpline Number, Headquarters address & more.

About Maharashtra Police

The Maharashtra Police (IAST: Mahrra Pols Sv), previously known as the Bombay State Police, is the organization that is in charge of maintaining order and safety across the state of Maharashtra in India. It is governed by an IPS officer by the name of Rajnish Seth and has its headquarters in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.

With around 36 district police units spread across the state, it is one of the biggest police departments in the whole nation. There are around 1.94 lakh people working for the Maharashtra Police Department. Additionally, there are 15,000 women serving in the armed forces.

Maharashtra Police Helpline Number Headquarters Email Id

The present-day Mumbai police force can be traced all the way back to a militia that was established in 1669 by Gerald Aungier, who was serving as Governor of Bombay at the time. Approximately five hundred soldiers made up this Bhandari Militia, which had its headquarters at Mahim, Sevree, and Sion respectively.

Maharashtra Police Helpline Number +912224927593

If you want the full contact information regarding the Maharashtra Police then this section is for you. Here the details on the contact information are given so that you can use these details and contact them very easily. The details contain Maharashtra Police toll-free number, office address, email address, and website. Using these details, you can contact them for the purpose of cases, complaints, and other queries.

  • Phone Number(Toll-Free): 100,  +912224927593
  • Head Office:88/88A, Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Near Traffic Headquarters, Worli – 400030
  • Email ID:
  • Website:

Why Do You Need Maharashtra Police Contact Number?

Citizens can face danger at any time of the day. Police is the law enforcement who always put their duty first and provide peace and safety in society. They make sure the citizen are safe from the hands of terror and injustice.

But sometimes citizens need to come forward and ask for help from the police by contacting them in emergency situations. It is important to have the Maharashtra Police Contact Number so that you can call them and file a crime or ask for help.

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How to Contact Maharashtra Police?

For those who are having difficulty finding the contact information to Contact Maharashtra Police, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you have missed the information in the above part then you can find the details of the contact information of the Maharashtra Police here. You just have to follow the following steps to contact them-

  1. Maharashtra Police has a toll-free number which you can use to contact them over call. The number is 100. If you are in an emergency then you should opt for a phone call as it is the fastest way to contact them. They also have a phone number which is  +912224927593
  2. If you have any inquiries on a case or any other queries then but don’t have time to talk then you can mail them at

Maharashtra Police protect the citizens of India and ensure their safety. Here at this website, we provide the details of the Maharashtra Police Helpline Number, Headquarters & Email Id details. Thank you!

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