Kiddicare Customer Service Numbers

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The best telephone number to dial if you want to contact the Kiddicare Customer service team is 0843 903 3257 or 0345 164 7000.

Kiddicare is one of the UK’s leading ecommerce stores specialising in childcare & toddlercare oriented products, retailing wide ranges of goods for kids and carers alike.

Until its acquisition by supermarket giant Morrisons in 2011, the firm was among the biggest of its kind. Today under the supervision of its parent company, the website provisions hundreds of different products ranging from toys large and small to all manner of clothes wear. Owing to word of mouth between parents, the firm possesses a devoted and sustained customer base.

Having enjoyed a boost to its physical store business thanks to a cash injection by Morrisons, Kiddicare today enjoys a huge role in nursery-aged children’s merchandise sales.

Kiddicare Customer Service Numbers

Kiddicare Customer Service Numbers

Kiddicare Customer Service Phone Numbers:

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Now you can direct contact Kiddicare by phone on 0843 903 3257.

However, Kiddicare is the name of this popular company. Headquarter of this company is situated in the United Kingdom. Would you like to visit their official website? is their official website and they have an email address. We are sorry because they have not any toll free number. So you have to use their email address to contact them.

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