Jobseeker’s Allowance Customer Service Numbers

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Contact the Jobcentre Plus on 0843 504 7178 to discuss your existing claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).

Alternatively, if you have become unemployed and are looking to make a claim for benefits while you seek new employment, phone the Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) new claims helpline, run by Jobcentre Plus staff, on 08000 55 66 88.

Before you phone the JSA Helpline you should check that you fulfill all the basic qualifying conditions, as outlined below:

  • You must be unemployed or work less than 16 hours per week.
  • If you are a man be between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • If you are a woman be between 18 and the state pension age, which is being raised from 60 to 65.
  • Have savings of less than £16,000
  • You must be resident in the UK.

Applications for JSA can be made online or over the phone. If you make your initial JSA claim by telephone, then you will need to answer questions about your status and employment history and provide details such as National Insurance number, date of birth, etc. The time that you make this call will be set as your ‘date of initial contact.’ This time will be used as your first day of entitlement, and your claim will be backdated to it when you receive your first payment. A few days later you will get a phone call from your local Jobcentre Plus office asking you to attend an interview where you will need to provide proof of your identity and then you will be assigned a fortnightly signing on a date.

Jobseeker’s Allowance Customer Service

Jobseeker’s Allowance

Jobseeker’s Allowance Customer Service Phone Numbers:

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Now you can direct contact Jobseeker’s Allowance by phone on 0345 604 3719.

Savings and JSA

If you have £16,000 or more in savings, you will automatically be disqualified from JSA. There will be a £1 reduction from your award for each £250 you have in savings over £6000.


up to £57.35 to those aged 18-24
up to £72.40 to those aged 25 plus
Contact Details

You can make an application for JSA over the phone by calling 0800 055 6688.

Or, if you have an existing claim, you can speak to a benefits advisor by calling 0843 504 7178 or 0845 606 0234 or 0345 604 3719.

If you are calling from a mobile phone then 03 numbers are cheaper than 08 numbers, so consider calling the 03 number to discuss your JSA claim when using a cell phone, or try to use a landline.

However, Jobseeker’s Allowance is the name of this popular company. Headquarter of this company is situated in the United Kingdom. Would you like to visit their official website? is their official website and they have an email address. We are sorry because they have not any toll free number. So you have to use their email address to contact them.

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