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Hi Guys, Are you looking for the Google customer service Phone numbers information? then this article is for you. The Google is an America based multinational company who offer various technology-related services. Larry Page, a Stanford University Ph.D. student was the founder of Google. It was founded in 1998. The main theme of Google was making a search portal where the user will find specific link based on their search term. Basically, Google was a research project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google is known as the most useful site on the internet. On the other hand, Google is more than a search engine now. It provides multiple services.

Now let’s come to the key point of the article. We have gathered all the Google customer service number in this article. If you use any kind the services of Google, you may need to contact with them very often.  Besides, we will give you a specific number for Google services along with the toll free number.

Google customer service Number helpline

Google Customer Service Number: has the largest number of visitors on the internet. Almost all the internet user visit Google at least once a day. On the other hand, the other services of Google are also used almost every day by millions of people. As a result, it takes a lot of effort to keep the customer satisfaction level higher. Google developed a strong and intelligent customer service to help their customers.

We have gathered all the Google customer service phone number. On the other hand, there are specific numbers for getting help quickly from Google. You can contact these numbers for any kind of Google product and service related solution. On the other hand, you can also ask for any kind of Google service and product related queries from by dialing these numbers. Moreover, you can get help on specific issues account recovery, billing methods, account opening, etc. Here are the number of Google customer services:

Google Customer Service Number: 1-888-486-4299, 1-855-486-4299

Help Desk Number: 1-855-486-4299

App Support Number: 1-877-355-5787

Google Head Office Number: +1-650-253-0000

The above-mentioned numbers are the international and official number of Google. A lot of people every day call in these numbers for various problems. So, you will need some moments before connecting to a Google customer support representative. On the other hand, if you face any kind of technical difficulties about Google services you can also contact the technical support team of Google.

Google Customer service Technical Support Number:

Google has a strongest technical support team for their users. They are always ready to help you any kind of technical difficulties. On the other hand, you will get the exact solution from them within a moment.  So you can contact the technical support team of Google for any kind of related technical difficulties. You can ask them about any kind of questions related to Google apps installing and not working problem, compatibility problem and other basic problems.

  • Google Basic Technical Support Number: 1-888-828-6821
  • YouTube Support Number: (650) 253-0000
  • AdWords Support Number: (855) 500-2756
  • Google Plus Support Number: (650) 253-0000
  • G suite Support Number: (888) 593-1945

The technical support team of Google is very highly qualified. As soon as you call the number, you will be connected with a customer service representative of Google. Then the customer service will redirect you to a specialist based on your problem. After that, they will try to recognize your problem and then they will reply you shortly. They will provide you the best answers based on your questions.

Google Customer service Toll Free number & Email ID:

Google is very much concerned about their customers. So, they try to provide the fastest customer service support to their customer. On the other hand, they also have toll-free numbers for their customers. However, the toll-free numbers are not available for all countries.

for Indian people:

Google Customer Care Number India

Google Toll-Free Number: 1-877-355-5787, 1-888-740-5999

The toll-free number is available for the US only. On the other hand, they are available 24 hours and 7 days. If you are from a different, you can connect the customer service with other numbers. However, you can also contact Google via email. If you are interested to contact Google via email, please visit at After visiting there, write down your issue, provide your email address and name, then submit. Google customer service representative will reply you with the solution. They have also support forum solution for specific Google services. Here are some links for related Google service’s support forum:

  • Google Plus Support Email:
  • YouTube Support Email:
  • AdWords Support Email:
  • Google Drive Support Email:
  • Map Support Email:
  • Gmail Support Email:

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Google Account Privacy Tips:

Peoples especially contact with Google for their services like Gmail, YouTube, translator, etc. Most of the people contact Google because of the privacy related issues. Here are some privacy tips to secure yours google account:Google Customer Service Numbers

  • Use strong and long password, using a space between passwords will make your account more secure.
  • Turn on two steps verification, so that every time someone tries to login your account will need to provide the code sent in your mobile.
  • Never use your names in password, it will increase the risk of being hacked.
  • Turn on notification for the unknown device you haven’t used before.
  • Set up a security question for your email ID.
  • Set up your privacy in google plus before sharing anything.

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Google is the most successful website of the internet. On the other hand, it has changed the view of search engines within a short time. Nowadays, people don’t need to find out the specific site URL for visiting any site. Instead of this, they can easily find out the site with the help of Google. Moreover, people can also find specific news, videos, locations with the help of Google. On the other hand, the other services of Google like map, translation, drive, cloud storage, and hardware services make people’s lives easier. Hopefully, the article about Google customer service contact phone number and other official helpline information will be helpful for you.


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