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The DWP is the biggest department of the UK government. Department of Work and Pensions is a governmental department of United Kingdom. So, you should know the DWP contact number. Anyways, on 8 June 2001, the government merged Department of Social Security and Employment Service and Department of Education and Employment to form the DWP. The main responsibility of DWP is employment and pension support. They are also providing disability and career service, child maintenance support, and related services.

The annual budget of DWP is around 150 billion euro per year which is almost 25% of total spending of the UK government. Besides, they support more than 18 million claimants and customers of relevant sectors. The main theme of DWP is to assist its customers to become economically independent and to help decrease child poverty.

DWP Contact Phone Number:

If you are seeking for DWP related supports, you will need to contact them via email or phone call. The DWP have a strong support team to help the customers. Besides, there are different helpline numbers to contact the support team based on the type of benefit. You will need to provide your national insurance number and birth date number to make a claim. Here is the list of DWP phone numbers:

dwp contact number

Job Centre Plus Numbers:
Benefit Claims Number: 0800 055 6688
Text phone Number: 0800 023 4888
Number for Welsh Citizens: 0800 012 1888
National Enquiry Number: 0345 604 3719
Number for Welsh: 0345 604 4248

Jobseekers Support Numbers:
Employment Support Number: 0345 608 8545
Text Phone Number: 0345 608 8551
Number for Welsh Citizens: 0345 600 3018

Maternity Allowance Support Numbers:
Maternity Allowance Support Phone Number: 0345 608 8610
Text Phone Number: 0345 608 8553
Number for Welsh Citizen: 0345 608 8674

Bereavement Support Numbers:
Bereavement Support Phone Number: 0345 608 8601
Number for Welsh Citizen: 0345 608 8772

Social Fund Support Numbers:
Social Fund Support Phone Number: 0345 603 6967
Number for Welsh Citizen: 0345 608 8756

Pension Support Numbers:
State Pension Claim Number: 0800 731 7898
Text phone Number: 0800 731 7339

DWP Toll-Free Numbers and Email Addresses:

The DWP also provide toll-free numbers for their complaints and customers. Here is the toll-free number of DWP:
DWP Toll-Free Number: 0800 055 6688
Toll-Free Number for Welsh: 0800 012 1888

DWP also provides email services. So, if you face difficulty to reach DWP via phones, you can contact them via email.

DWP Support Email: dwponline.helpdesk@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

You can also contact the DWP support team via social media. here are the profile links of DWP from various social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DWP
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dwp
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/dwp/
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/115469502025910081736

The DWP is ensuring the benefits for needy peoples from its beginning. Currently, the employment rate is highest in the UK which proves the legibility of the Department. Hopefully, the DWP Customer service phone number provided in above will lend a supportive hand to you.


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