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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was formed in 1965 and are an agency of The Department for Transport. It was set up with the aim of centralizing the system of vehicle licenses and taxes that had previously been run on a local level by county councils. This process of centralisation was completed in 2013, when the DVLA closed all of their 39 remaining regional offices and, with them, their face-to-face service with the general public.

The DVLA have their headquarters in Swansea, Wales. Five thousand people are employed in the 16-floor tower block, which is based in the Marston area of the city. In 2007 the DVLA hit the headlines for having the highest rates of employee sick leave of all the government agencies. The average of three weeks off per employee, per year, came to the attention of Conservative MP, Edward Leigh, who stated: “Sick leave seems to be a way of life in two large agencies of the Department for Transport, the Driving Standards Agency and the DVLA.” One worker was fired in 2013 for using Facebook – which is banned in all DVLA offices – on his mobile at work.

What does the DVLA do?

Issue driving licenses
Collect road tax
Maintain a database of drivers in the UK
Keep a database of all cars in the UK – The Vehicle Identity Check (VIC)
What doesn’t the DVLA do?

There is a common misconception amongst the British public that the DVLA is responsible for endorsing driver licenses with penalty points acquired for motoring offenses. County courts in the UK have access to the DVLA driver database; if they decide to, they will add points to the individual’s driver record. The DVLA’s role in the process is a passive one.

How do I apply for a provisional driving license?

While you are learning to drive you will need a temporary license to get behind the wheel of a car. At this stage, you must be supervised by a qualified instructor, or a friend/family member, who has a full license, and you are not allowed to drive on motorways. To apply for a provisional license, you can either make your application online, through the DVLA website or go to the Post Office to make a postal application. If you apply online the price for a provisional license is £34; a nine pound saving on the £43 charge to apply by post.

To apply for your provisional driving license online you will need your passport number, and national insurance number to hand. You can apply online on the DVLA website.

If you have an inquiry about licensing which you would like to speak to the DVLA by telephone about, then call 0843 504 7161 or 0300 790 6801.

How do I apply for a full driving license?

Once you have passed both the theory and the practical driving test you are ready to upgrade to a full driver’s license. If you have one of the new photo card provisional licenses, you can expect to receive your full license within three weeks of the DVLA receiving your driving test pass certificate from your driving test examiner.

How do I pay my road tax (vehicle tax)?

Shortly before your car tax runs out, you will receive a letter about tax renewal, which will have a 16 digit number on it. If you decide to pay your road tax online, on the DVLA website, you will need to enter this number. You will also need to enter the 12 digit reference number in your new keeper supplement; you have bought.

If you want to contact the DVLA by telephone, then you can call their specialist road tax line, on 0300 123 4321.

How do I request a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) on a car I want to buy or sell?

Equally any prospective car buyer should inquire whether the car has a VIC.

If you know the make and the registration of a car you can check if it is registered on the DVLA database, by either:

Calling the DVLA on 0843 504 7161 or 0300 123 9000
Making an online application for a VIC
No More Papers

The DVLA used to issue a paper copy of your driving license alongside the plastic credit card sized one that you carry around in your wallet. The paper one was beneficial for people who were hiring a car – particularly when abroad – because it listed endorsements such as some points on your license and driving offenses; which satisfied the insurance requirements of car rental companies when you were hiring a car off them. However, from June 8th the paper one will no longer be valid. Instead, drivers looking to hire a car will need to get a code from the DVLA website. The codes are only valid for 24 hours, so drivers who look to hire a car a few days into their holiday will have to access their system from abroad.

DVLA Customer Service Numbers

DVLA Customer Service Numbers

DVLA Customer Service Phone Numbers:

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Now you can direct contact DVLA by phone on 0843 504 7161.

DVLA Official Info:

  • Company Name: DVLA
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Official website: www.gov.uk/contact-the-dvla
  • Toll-free number: Not Available
  • Email Address: Yes

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