Bajaj Geyser Customer Care Number, Email & Office details

Bajaj Geyser is a water heater product. You use this product mostly during the winter. When you want to use a product, it will sometimes create some problems. Then you have to get Bajaj Geyser Customer Care information so that you can fix it and use it again.

Bajaj is a worldwide famous brand. It manufactures a lot of products, and the Bajaj geyser is one of them. And almost all of us know about Bajaj products and use them.

Here you will learn about Bajaj products, especially Bajaj geyser products, and also learn about Bajaj Geyser Customer Care Number, Email & Office details. So, keep reading the article.

About Bajaj Geyser Company

Bajaj is an Indian multinational company founded by Jamnalal Bajaj. It was created in 1926 and is still running. This company manufactured a lot of products like motorcycles, electronics, geysers, and many other products. All are useful for us, but you need the Bajaj geyser most during the cold weather.

Bajaj Geyser Customer Care Number, Email & Office details

So, if you want to know about Bajaj Geyser company, you have to also learn about Bajaj Geyser’s customer care number, email & office details. Bajaj geysers, or water heaters, are good at being energy-efficient and convenient for our use.

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Bajaj Geyser Customer Care Number India

Bajaj geyser’s customer care number is always open for nonstop service. You can contact them by phone, one number, or email, or you can go directly to their office address. So the contact process is given below:

Phone Number:

  • Toll free Number(s): 1800 102 5963 (For Customer Support, 9am-6pm)
  • All India Number(s): 70399 20000 (Whatsapp Support); 02241280000( For general query)

Head Office:

Rustomjee Aspire, 6th Floor,

Bhanu Shankar Yagnik Marg,

Sion East, Mumbai- 400022

Phone: 022-22043780

Fax: 022-22828250.

There is also some other office around India. Some other office address is included below:

Registered office:

45/47, Veer Nariman Road,

Fort, Mumbai – 400023

Phone: 022-22043841

Fax: 022-22851279

Corporate office:

Rustomjee Aspire, 6th Floor,

Bhanu Shankar Yagnik Marg,

Sion East, Mumbai- 400022

Phone: 022-24064000

Fax: 02224064003

Email ID:


How to Contact Bajaj Geyser Helpline?

You can contact with geyser helpline by the Bajaj Geyser Toll-free number. Here you can find the toll-free number of bajaj electronics customer care. Contact that number and tell them about your problem. You can also use a fax and phone number to contact them.

There are other options too. You can contact them through email. Every company and customer care handle their email message carefully. If you send them an email writing your problem, they will contact you and repair your geyser.

And the last option is directly to go to their office. Here you can find Bajaj Geyser customer care office address. To find your nearest office location and go with your product. The worker will repair the product and send it to your home. So you can solve your problem by doing these steps:

  • Call directly in Hotline Numbers.
  • Through SMS.
  • Sending them an Email.
  • Through Official Website.
  • Contact through fax.
  • Directly go to their office address.

Conclusion: When you use a product, it must create some problems someday later. For that, you have to know how you will fix that problem. If you can know that, then it will be helpful for you. Customer care numbers’ office addresses will help you solve any kind of problem. For that, this article shows how you can contact Bajaj Geyser Customer. For that, we provide you with Bajaj Geyser’s customer care number, email, and office details.

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