Anglian Water Customer service Numbers

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If you’d like to pay your water bill or have a query for Anglian Water, call their general enquiries team on 0843 504 7251 or 03457 91 91 55.

Anglian Water is the utility company providing tap water and sewerage services to homes throughout Central East England, covering East Anglia, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

With more than 4,000 employees, the company has built its reputation by setting goals for quality and efficiency both within the organisation and on pipeline and hydraulic maintenance. Leak minimisation as well as commitments to keeping costs low mean the firm is in a position of constant challenge to do better.

Providing more than 1.2 billion litres of water each day, and with awards for supplying the purest tap water in the country, Anglian Water’s market security as a major British utility provider is truly second to none.

But leaks do happen, and customers do struggle to pay bills, so Anglian Water have a team of customer care helpline operators manning their phonelines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their helpline numbers and opening hours are as follows.

Anglian Water Customer service Numbers

Anglian Water Customer service Numbers

Anglian Water Customer service Phone Numbers:

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Now you can direct contact Anglian Water by phone on 0843 504 7251.

Phone Numbers

General enquiries & billing hotline
Phone: 0843 504 7251 or 03457 91 91 55
When: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday

Water supply & sewerage queries & emergencies
Phone: 03457 145 145
When: 24/7

Report a leak
Phone: 0800 771 881
When: 24/7 (ASAP)

Struggling to pay bills
Phone: 0800 169 3630
When: 8am-8pm Monday-Friday; 9am-1pm Saturday

Bogus caller helpline
Phone: 0800 145 145
Call this helpline to verify the ID of anyone knocking your door who claims to be from Anglian Water.

Meter installation
Phone: 0845 850 5852
When: 24/7.

However, Anglian Water is the name of this popular company. Headquarter of this company is situated in the United Kingdom. Would you like to visit their official website? is their official website and they have an email address. We are sorry because they have not any toll free number. So you have to use their email address to contact them.

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